STAEDTLER triplus fineliner

pens Hi everyone!

As suggested by the title and photo, in this is post I will be reviewing STAEDTLER triplus fineliner 334. If you live in Europe like I do, you probably already know this company, which is one of Europe’s leading writing instrument manufacturers. Their products vary from basic writing supplements like pencils and colored pens to creative products like modelling clay and artist supplies. For more information on their products you can visit their website on

I have been using STAEDTLER products since I was in Art school so you can immagine how excited I was when they contacted me suggesting we did a collaboration. They kindly sent me a box containing 30 assorted colors to try out that I used to create this fashion sketch.


Here is my opinion about the triplus fineliner: they have a superfine, metal-clad tip that I think is perfect not only for writing but also for creating a variety of detailed illustrations. Because of its drysafe ink, the pen will not dry out (I tested it and left the cap open for a day). One tip I should give you ( this is something that probably all artists do but it may not be so obvious to everybody), if you are planning to use the fineliners for coloring you should first test the colors out on a separate sheet, as some colors are actually darker than what they look from the cap.


Last but not least, STAEDTLER was kind enugh to send me extra boxes of  triplus fineliners (each one containing 30 assorted colors) to give away to my followers, so stay tuned for more info on how you can win this awesome gift!

I hope you enjoyed this review!