Happy New Year!


2016 has been an amazing year for me. I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for being able to do what I love and for your support. This has been a wonderful journey & I’m excitedto discover what this new year will bring. You are truly amazing!



My Illustrations for sale in gift shops


Hey guys! After a veeery long but also super exciting Summer of hard work, I can finally share with you the results of my journey in the UK. You can now find my art prints and greeting cards for sale in two British gift shops: ThingsBritish at the Greenwich Village, London (photo above).



The other gift shop is WysteriaLane, Shrewsbury. If you live nearby the shops, please pop in and take a look at my products, I’d love to hear your feedback!




Watercolor Paper Review


Hello guys! I often get asked questions about art supplies, what type of watercolor I use and what’s the best type of paper, so I’m hoping you’ll find this review helpful. I recently had the pleasure to try DalerRowney products for the very first time. They sent me their Langton Prestige 100% cotton watercolor paper and this is the illustration I painted on it.


So here is what I think of this paper…

The first thing I noticed as I was painting is that watercolor didn’t dry fast on this paper which is great for me because this left me enough time to blend the colors and create beautiful effects. However, the second thing I noticed is that the paper tends to buckle when wet (note that I was painting on Hot Pressed paper), so perhaps purchasing the 4 sides glued pads might avoid this problem. Overall I really liked the way watercolor performed on Langton paper especially how the smooth surface made the colors look so brilliant. I think this is actually the best quality of this product, because of all the papers I’ve tried so far this is the one that made colors look more vibrant.


If you are interested you can find more info about Daler Rowney products on their website.

To find out more about the art supplies I use click here.

I hope you enjoyed this review!