Wear flowers on your face



Wear flowers on your face. What a wonderful motto for a company that produces natural make up. ZuiiOrganic cosmetics are actually made from flowers (how amazing is that?), they are also certified organic, cruelty free and chemicals free. I have to admit that I have been pretty fascinated with this brand as I had never heard of a company using rose buds, chamomile and Jasmine flowers (among others) as ingredients in their cosmetics. This floral component is precisely what inspired me to create this fun and colorful illustration. You may have noticed at this point that I’m a lover and supporter of all things natural especially when it comes to products that I put on my body. I love products that nurture and improve the health of my skin, and that’s why I was really excited at the idea of doing a collaboration with Zuii Organic. Below is a picture of the beautiful make up they sent me, how stunning are those colors? I also shot a couple of photos of the making of my illustration…enjoy it!




If you’d like to wear flowers on your face head over to www.zuiiorganic.com and check out their beautiful products!

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