Show me your drawings!


Hello fashion lovers!

I had  an idea which I thought would bring us closer and have some fun. To each of you who subscribe to my newsletter I will  send a list of  fashion illustration books I personally recommend. But  that’s not all. You will also receive free female silohuettes that I personally drew and you can use as a model to create/ draw you own fashion sketches! The coolest part is that I’m going to share your creations on my blog (with your permission ;)). Too often I hear people saying “I’d love to start drawing again”. So here is your chance… I dare you to find some time in your busy lives to get creative & share the results with us!

I can’t wait to hear you thoughts!


Greeting Cards


My greeting cards are available for purchase online on Redbubble, and in two UK gift shops: Things British (London) and Wysteria Lane (Shrewsbury).

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